Jeep Safari

Enjoy Your Jeep Safari In To Next Level In Chitwan National Park

One of the most relaxing activity is Jeep safari where we can enjoy our travelling in jungle through jeep. Literally, many of the people enjoy the view , wild animals and their habitats. During the safari we can also see small rivers and we provide information of those animals found there. Hopefully, its worth it to visit jeep safari by the review of travelers.

Canoeing and Nature walk in Chitwan National Park

A journey down the Rapti river in a traditional dug out canoe offers you the chance to observe the exotic species of birds and animals that come for the sip at the water edge. Tourists can also embark on canoe ride along the Rapti River inside Chitwan National Park and take a close view of crocodiles and other wild animals.

Tharu culture experiences

The culture of Nepal comprises the various culture belonging to the 125 distinct ethnic groups present in Nepal. Among them Tharu culture is in peak for most attracting guests which defines as it is the one of the unique culture belongings. Many guest enjoys Tharu culture by seeing the performance and by joining them. Through the Tharu culture, the guests are able to learn about the cultures in Nepal. Guests seems to have more entertainment as well.

Bird Watching: The best experience

Make your day by observing more than 500 species of birds in the Chitwan National Park. Tourists loves to go to the jungle for watching the heart-warming beauty of birds in the jungle which provides a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Lets enjoy the scenario from the Hotel Balcony

One of the most important advantage is that you can enjoy watching the beautiful view from the hotel balcony. You can see the clear view of mountain from the hotel room and balcony during the winter season. You can also watch the rhino at the backyard and to the hotel surrounding during your stay if you are lucky.

Guests are enjoying jungle walk activities in Chitwan National Park

Jungle walk activity is most popular activity in Chitwan National Park. Generally, when guests came to visit sauraha they choose this activity. Our guests also chosen this activity to visit and they enjoyed a lot. We offered them to hire a local guide to provide information about jungle and safety advices. During the jungle walk they saw One Horn Rhino, Dear, Peacock, Beer as well as Tiger.