Half Day Jeep Safari at Chitwan National Park

Half Day Jeep Drive and Safari at Chitwan National Park

Jeep Safari is an exciting ride on an open top jeep into the dense forest of jungle. It is possible to closely observe the wild animals as well as take their snaps during jeep safari. Jeep Safari offers relative safety from wild animals.

As Jeep Safari are operated with regularly inside the jungle of Sauraha the wildlife are used to the right of jeeps carrying tourists, and generally do not run away when the jeep gets near. The safari operators also stop the vehicle of any wild animal is encountered or seen from a distance. Thus the jeep safari is an excellent way to observe the wild animals and travel through the jungles in Sauraha.

Drive in to the heart of the park for a good chance to spot the rear species, the drive take you long time-worn trails with great opportunities of viewing a big animal. Don’t forget to move on to Kasara the park headquarter wherein you will get to chance to Kasara Durbar and the Crocodile Breeding Center. The center is housed with a numbers of breeding and hatching pounds and rear the animal until they are ready for release in the wild.

During Jeep Safari, one has to pay the National Park entry fee and Jeep Safari Cost.

Rate for the Jeep Safari Per Person

Half Day $20 per person excluding the Entry fee 


  1. Meal is not included in this price.
  2. Chitwan National Park entry fee will be Extra $17 per person.

Further more information you can get more information once you arrive at hotel.